Close More Sales In A Transparent World Of Over 4 Billion Internet-Savvy
Customers Without Sacrificing Price
I'm going to show you how to master the new way of selling in a rapidly changing world.

Before the Internet took over, we had control of the sales cycle. Today, the customer knows it all and if we don't have the tools to fight back, we may lose the sale or at the very least sacrifice price and relationship. 

The Cockatoo has two very important qualities we must learn to master in today's sales climate - the Cockatoo knows how to dance and the Cockatoo knows how to build 60-year relationships. In this training, I'm going to share a few of those secrets....
What You're Going To Learn In This Free Training

Howto take control back of the sales cycle without discounting value or the relationship
When the customer has done the research, we may feel there is no place else to go other than to follow them. Learn what it takes to seemlessly take control back of the sales cycle - demonstrating high-level confidence. WATCH ON...
3 body language tips that will teach you how to dance with the customer - no matter their generation
Being keenly aware of our own body language and that of the customer's is critical. In this training, I will share three of the most common body language reactions, where we go wrong, and how to stay on track to close the deal faster. WATCH ON...
How to get logical during the most important part of the sales cycle and assume the sale
Managing objections and going for the close is by far the most emotional part of the sales cycle. Every step we've taken, until that point, counts. But how do you stay logical, assume the sale, and quite simply, close the deal. WATCH ON...
Hi, I'm Gail Kasper
I am so sure of my sales techniques that I'm willing to put myself on the line - I'm challenging every sales rep in America that I can pitch their product better than them.

From humbling beginnings to working with multi-billion-dollar companies, my systems have revolutionized the way thousands of people sell. As a human behavior specialist and creative sales artist, I have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, and became a semi-finalist to be on the hit show The Apprentice.

I am also the author of the self-help parable Unstoppable: 6 Easy Steps To Find And Achieve Your FIRE; and the children's book series Apollo and Winslow.

Now I'm on a mission to help sales professionals and businss owners take the next step with their sales career by learning "the new way" of selling in this ever-changing technological world. Be amongst the first to get in the know and SKYROCKET above the competition!
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